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Researcher, Writer, Storyteller

I use social science methods to explore human experiences & reshape narratives


Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Jake. I’m a researcher who uses social science methods to help deepen our understanding of complex social issues from physical activity & obesity to health & social inequalities. I am currently working on a range of projects, including my PhD thesis, which explores narratives of obesity and physical activity by examining the stories of men in midlife. When I’m not conducting research, I’m reading, writing or in the gym. Please do say hello.

Exploring Stories

Everyone has a story. My work starts by diving into these stories using social science methods. These tools help me delve deep into unique experiences, capturing the complexity and nuances often lost or obscured and bringing them to the fore.

Reshaping Narratives

Stories have power. They shape our understanding of ourselves and the world. Sometimes, they may not accurately reflect our experiences or give a voice to everyone. In these cases, I work to broaden people’s understanding of how people think about complex social issues and reshape these narratives.

Creating Change

Ultimately, my work aims to create a better understanding and support better decision-making and communication. By exploring and reshaping narratives, we can redefine how we see the world and ensure the decisions made about people are made with people.



Jake's expertise, research background and skill set were very well suited to the type of analysis required, and Jake was a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with Jake again in the future and would be confident recommending Jake's services to others.